Michelle Lin

Los Angeles, CA




Chonosuke Okamura's ABC

An alphabet book: images and descriptions of creatures found in Nagaiwan limestone with an excerpt from Roger Caillois's Writing of Stones. Who knows whether this tumult of triangles inscribed in stone, first brought about by nature and then invented by art, does not contain one of the secret cyphers of the universe?


Bone Specimen

Set of 4 specimen cards; modified typeface.

These ancient, quasi-archaeological layers in the mental hierarchy form a world apart... glimpses of which we get in the dream; their existence is a kind of historic record, which testifies to the facts of mental evolution. —Arthur Koestler.


Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy

Design and development of portfolio site for New York-based writer and curator. thisandthat.site


Interval Tote bag

Silkscreen print on canvas, one for every year.

2015, 2016


Book design for Noa P. Kaplan's show at ACME gallery.


An Ecology of World Literature

Cover for An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day by Alexander Beecroft. Designed under the direction of Everything Studio. Published by Verso.


Type Specimen

Custom monospace type. I can hear a catbird - moved to field corner - a crested bird on a spruce, not enough light at this distance. Goldfinches - a waxwing, but what kind (a cedar, I think) - cowbird is close - birds all over now. I hear a cardinal. A distant plane to the west with sun on it and a line of birds flies past under it - U.F.O.? - 2 of them - I. disappeared. —bpNichol.